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Tools and Materials Needed
Obtain the Following Tools and Materials Before Starting Work

Storm sash can be assembled, trimmed, and sanded with basic wood-working tools.


The following tools and materials are needed:

A table or workbench at least slightly wider and longer than the assembled sash.

A bar clamp or 3/4" pipe clamp with an opening capacity at least 6" longer than the width of the sash.  For glued sash joints, 3 bar clamps are required.  For pinned sash joints, 3 clamps make the job easier and faster.

A set of 2 (or set of 6 when using 3 bar clamps) slotted wood blocks to back-up the pipe clamp jaws.  See photo of blocks with instructions on how to make them.

A long pointed stick which is used to test the squareness of the sash during assembly.  The stick should be approximately the size of a wood lath and must be slightly longer than the diagonal length of the overall glass openings.  See picture.

A sharp pencil

A hammer and nail-set to drive sash-pins

A rubber mallet

A small square and sharp utility knife to scribe ends of stiles flush with rails (Bevel square optional)

A handsaw or back-saw

A wood sanding block and 100 grit sandpaper (also 80 grit sandpaper if you do not have a block plane)

A hand or electric drill with a 3/32" drill bit for drilling sash pin holes.


Optional Tools To Make Sash Assembly Easier and Faster :

A block-plane

A bevel-square

A wood chisel

Electric sander

A putty Knife and wood filler such as plastic wood.  If none available, glazing compound can be used later to fill pin holes.

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Tools Used in Sash Assembly - Optional Tools Shown On Back Row

Tools Used in Sash Assembly - Optional Tools Shown On Back Row